How do I achieve my ultimate sweet and spicy dessert?

I was motivated by seeing spicy Korean dessert cakes on we bare bears and I desired to eat it. But alas, it does not exist in the Asian markets near me, therefore I shall embark on this quest of making some sweet and spicy desserts myself. Problem is my spice tolerance is high, I eat the 2x spicy noodles on a daily basis. I desire to go higher. I want to be brought to the point of tears. BUT I want something sweet. Specifically chocolate. So here I am.

Here is what I've done on my journey so far:

1) I've minced and added up to 10 habaneros to some brownie batter using a mix of several leftover chocolates that I had but it eventually ruins the texture and still not spicy enough, maybe peppers are out of season. Still tastes good tho. Recipe:

2) Emulsified like a dozen Thai peppers and 2 habaneros in oil, heated it up. Roasted some Thai and habanero on the side. Strained the hot oil onto the roasted peppers and then put it all in a jar with some raw peppers. Then used this spicy oil in replacement of vegetable oil, and made a chocolate cake with that, still not spicy enough. Cake was nice and moist tho, the spice lingers a little which is a nice feeling. I actually feel it might be less spicy than the brownies but the spice lasts longer.


3) Tried making some buttercream mixed with scorpion powder instead of cayenne, slight kick but it disappears pretty quick.

4) Bought reaper pepper powder, put a couple teaspoons and basically mixed failures 1-3 all together to make cake pops and dipped them in white chocolate mixed with the hottest chili oil I could find in the Asian market, seeds and all.

It has a nice kick, but feel like it could be spicier, but the chocolate tastes so good, do I risk it with more reaper? However, the spice disappears in like a minute, is there a way to make it last? I've had really spicy stuff before but at the risk of actually tasting good, how can I get the best of both worlds?

Perhaps I am reaching my limit but if anyone has any suggestions I am willing to experiment

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