Having trouble making asian styled half/soft boiled-eggs

Its the kind here : https://eatwhattonight.com/2019/09/soft-boiled-eggs/ which is common in asian countries like Singapore, the egg whites come out runny but the yolk is still somewhat solid.

When properly done, the whites and yolk all slide out of the egg smoothly when you crack it and you get eggs shown in the pictures on the site.

I tried boiling them for 6 minutes and while the yolk was fine, the whites had set and formed a solid layer stuck to the shell. So when i cracked the egg, only the yolk slid out of the egg and i had to try and scrape the whites off the shell, and in the process bits of the shell dropped into the bowl and mixed with the yolk and whites…obviously not what was supposed to happen.

I tried boiling them for 5 minutes instead and the yolk was too runny, but the whites had STILL set and was still stuck to the shell.

I dont understand what im doing wrong. Why are the whites setting and sticking to the shell? That is not supposed to happen (if you have eaten these in asian coffeeshops, you will understand what i mean, the whites dont set and dont stick to the shell).

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